Gold fever the klondike gold rush essay

Klondike Gold Rush

River boats could navigate the Yukon in the summer from the delta until a point called Whitehorse, above the Klondike. Despite the presence of law enforcement officers, the flood of new gold seekers still generally found the Yukon just another stage of Hell. They continued to mine the land the gold seekers had abandoned for another 50 years, and unearthed millions more in gold.

There were no cellular phones or walkie-talkies, so if you became stranded, you froze to death.

The Klondike Gold Rush

Bertram reported on the chaos and major price gouging by local stores. Which is the best way into the yellow Klondyke. In the fall ofthe more popular was the mile Skagway Trail over White Pass.

Init was so well known that a correspondent from the Chicago Daily Record came to visit. Some chose to sell their equipment and return south.

By contrast, especially the port of Skagway under US jurisdiction in Southeast Alaska became infamous for its criminal underworld. Michael [Alaska] for Seattle, passed up the Sound with more than a ton of solid gold aboard. In March, Bertram wrote his brother a letter from Seattle, Washington.

A research essay about the gold rush in the Klondike in Rated: Wood, the mayor of Seattle, who resigned and formed a company to transport prospectors to the Klondike.

Tagish Charley sold his claim, spent the proceeds lavishly, and died an alcoholic. Woodmayor of Seattle, who was attending a convention in San Francisco, telegraphed his resignation and headed to Alaska without even stopping in Seattle.

The influx of people to Dawson turned it into a legitimate city. Two more Elmirans, Joseph Grady, a mail carrier, and George Backer, a grocer, also left in early While cleaning a dishpan, one of the three unearthed the thumb-sized chunk of gold that set the great rush in motion.

A year later, after the Klondike fever spread worldwide, it swelled to 40,—becoming one of the largest cities in Canada. The old timers who had spent the winter there, subsisting on a diet of beans and biscuits at best, were eager to trade their gold for luxuries like eggs, fruit, writing paper, or just a bit of news from the outside.

The most daunting part was Chilkoot Pass, which lay at the top of a nearly vertical slope, four miles long. Benedict, the pastor of the Franklin St. William Ogilvie, a Canadian government surveyor, sent off two separate messages to Ottawa, telling of the magnitude of the strike, but both were lost in the bureaucratic shuffle.

He also perpetrated the first telegraph scam in Alaska. He reported that descending the pass the most difficult part of the journey. This publication quoted Clarence King, a celebrated geologist, as asserting, "The rush to the Klondike is one of the greatest in the history of the country.

But even there, the Klondikers were forced to hire Indian packers, at as much as 50 cents a pound, or else lug their outfits themselves, pounds at a time, leaving each load alongside the trail somewhere, then going back for the next load and so on, over and over; by the time a miner transferred his whole outfit to the far side of the pass, he might have walked the mile trail 30 or 40 times, and spent three months doing it.

Only a very few made it before cold weather choked the lake and the river with ice. But three of those were so long and hazardous that only a few men ever succeeded in reaching the Klondike alive on them.

As noted, Seattle already had the transportation network, infrastructure, and local industries needed to benefit from the migration to the Far North.

Only a very few made it before cold weather choked the lake and the river with ice. The fever quickly reached epidemic proportions. Most gambled or drank it away.

They had to be kept in prime, lean physical condition.

Sep 25,  · Gold Fever: Elmirans in the Klondike Gold Rush By Kelli Huggins, Education Coordinator The California Gold Rush of gets more attention, but I personally find the Klondike Gold Rush a few decades later much more interesting.

Essay The California Gold Rush. California Gold Rush 5/1/13 The California Gold Rush Before the Gold Rush ofCalifornia was a sparsely populated, unimportant territory of the United States mostly inhabited by the people of Mexico. A/N - This was my first 9th grade essay!

I hope you find it informative! The Klondike Gold Rush. John Winebarger. Honors English B4. September 18, Inin the Bonanza Creek of the Klondike, located just east of the current Alaska/Canada border, a groundbreaking discovery was made.

Essay about Alaskas Gold Rush - The gold rush era in the United States began in California in and ended around the year (Yukon) Although miners searched for the valuable metal into the twentieth century, the Klondike gold rush, which was around till.

See also Paul Dorpat, Seattle Now and Then [Volume 1] (Seattle: Tartu Publications, ), Story 25; Pierre Berton, The Klondike Fever: The Life and Death of the Last Great Gold Rush (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, ), The Klondike Gold Rush Essay - How would feel to be a multimillionaire in just a couple years, but you have to get the Klondike in Alaska.

Many people took this challenge either making their fortune or coming up more broke than they already were.

Gold fever the klondike gold rush essay
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