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He chose to refuse the FLQ demands, but there are some who say perhaps he should have given in to at least some of the demands, and if he had been softer, the life of Pierre Laporte might have been saved. Local police also lacked the manpower to carry out such an operation. This development was the more significant of the two kidnappings because it appeared to show that the FLQ was a very powerful organization with the infrastructure and ability to victimize anyone at any time.

We will write a custom essay sample on The Flq and Trudeau Order now More Essay Examples on This move suspended the civil liberties outlined in the Bill of Rights and gave the police and army extraordinary power to pursue leads and arrest suspects.

In addition to the vehicles, military air transport vehicles were in the air carrying more men, weapons, and supplies to Montreal. On the morning that James Cross was to be released, hundreds of police and soldiers had moved around the area. The role of the military officers would increase substantially with the call from Prime Minister Trudeau that Canada would now be under control of the War Measures Act.

When Robert Bourassa, the Premier of Quebec arrived, guards escorted him in, with their guns drawn; Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was escorted in a similar way, however no guns were visible.

Pg [xii] Freeman, Michael. Hope and despair essays Hope and despair essays.

FLQ crisis

This is one of those times; this is one of those issues. Pg [v] Belanger, Claude. Pg Choose Type of service. John Turner, then minister of justice, told the House of Commons on October In invoking the WMA, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau took what was a necessary action to neutralize the incredible threat posed by the murderous and ruthless Front de Liberation du Quebec.

The Flq and Trudeau

These cells had no contact with one another, and thus acted independently. The October Crisis was one of these extraordinary events that had occurred.

Most of these changes were aimed at giving Quebec greater autonomy. It also suspended the operation of the Canadian Bill of Rights. Ishmael reed essay Ishmael reed essay. It was opportune that the government revealed its strength during the October Crisis when it intervened in a situation that was not only an issue of concern to Quebec.

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The chief concern lies with innocent people being detained on nothing more than suspicion, and held without bail and without being charged for an extended period of time. Then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau refused to give in to the demands of terrorists, and responded by sending the armed forces to assist the Quebec police, and on October 16th,Pierre Trudeau addresses the nation, explained his position, and informed Canada that he had invoked the War Measures Act.

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FLQ Crisis

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By the time. The next two essays were written to mark anniversaries — the tenth anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s invocation of the War Measures Act inand the sixtieth anniversary of Canada’s imprisoning eight communists in In Octoberin what became known as the October Crisis, the Front de libération du Québec, (commonly known as the FLQ) which was a French Canadian organization advocating independence from Canada, kidnapped two politicians.

On the fifth of October, James Cross, the British Trade Commissioner, was kidnapped from his Montreal home by a group of young French Canadian terrorists, the Front de Libération du Québec or FLQ. The FLQ was a radical political group within the province of Quebec, intent on. Essay on FLQ Crisis Words 5 Pages On October 5,British trade commissioner James Cross was kidnapped in his Westmount home by members of the terrorist group Front de liberation du Quebec.

Essays on the flq
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