Enlargement of the european union essay

Not only Germany, the US also shows its friendship to Turkey. The EU is also working towards ensuring that its environment is totally safe and free from Nuclear hazards. Enlargement is a very powerful policy tool for the European Union. Britain thinks Turkey has been a loyal European ally in NATO for half a century, making a major contribution to the defense of the continent throughout the Cold War.

Enlargement of European Union - Can Turkey joins the EU? Essay

These improvements in human rights, political and economic reforms are fully welcomed by the EU. Also during this period was a period where members can travel between member state countries without their passport being checked and this also brought and harmonise members of the EU together, and there was also a lot of improvement and development in the communication sector as the use of mobile phone and internet was in place.

Better control of immigration, Both old and future member state must also cooperate and work hand in hand and must realize that they have the responsibility to fight and work on the inflow of illegal citizen or immigrants and likewise asylum-seekers from other countries.

The founding European and Pioneering member countries are six in numbers and are as follow: Enlargement of the European Union By: Preparing for Accession to the European Union: But Turkey warned it will annex the occupied north of the island if that happens, a move that would destroy its chance of EU entry Geographical problem In geographical aspect, Turkey is a Asian country, ninety five percent of its land is located in Asia, and ninety eight per cent of its population is in Asia.

TRADE LIBERALIZATION This is actually one of the key benefit of every EU member Bulgaria and Romania not exempted, this give the opportunity to trade freely without restriction and at no extra transaction cost with other member state this give more opportunity for a big single market with a world of variety and when country like Bulgaria joins, it will help in the development of the agricultural sector and also give the sector a future and hope as it will be able to move its agricultural product across border and to member state freely and get money in return and the plough this money back to the economy to ensure more productivity also it will improve the standard of living for the famers 3.

The increasing number of the new member state and drive towards making Europe a better place has helped making EU culturally richer, stronger and better. Sources from Europa Reforms Turkey finally gains the start of the accession negotiation about joining the EU in The founding European and Pioneering member countries are six in numbers and are as follow: The restoration of peace started from the west European nations as they created the council of Europe in and this council creation was a bold step to bring about peace, unity and cooperation between countries of the west.

Also Turkey need to participates the decision of the EU military defence directing institution. The Impact of Enlargement: EU decided to start negotiate with Turkey in in the Copenhagen Summit that was started on 12th December It ability to bring about oneness among member state in term of culture, language, education; in to an extent is a great success.

During this time, the Single European Act was being signed in Luxemburg. The boundary of the EU will extend to the Asian region, and this may lead to the large amount of illegal immigrants from other non-European countries, and create the problems like social conflicts, racial discrimination, and increase in crimes.

The outcome of the enlargement is in no doubt clear as the European security is much strengthened compare to where it was before the enlargement took place.

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EU policy is in place to help reserve and safeguard their rich heritage of species and natural habitat. This act was to allow the single European market.

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This also give bias appropriation of fund because more social fund will be diverted to poorer member counties which is not giving room for fair equity and equal distribution of resources.

The second application took place under the Labour government of Harold Wilson, in January But the EU required much more. Italy and the European Union Enlargement Essay - Enlargement is the process through which new members join the European Union. Sincewhen the first 'integrated Europe' was born, the EU went from 6 member states to The European Community was created with two parallel processes.

The first part of the process was the “structural evolution and institutional change into a tighter bloc with more competences given to the supranational level” (European Union). Free Essay: European Union Enlargement Eastwards The European Union (EU) is one of the Russian's key partners both in an economic and a geopolitical sense.

This will create the biggest scale of the enlargement of the European Union. The total population will be billions. Romania and Bulgaria also gain the member states from. European Union Enlargement. The European Union, however, has been torn apart by two conflicting visions.

One of the ideas is the Euro-nationalism or multipolarity that Tony Blair intensely opposes. The Advantages and Disadvantages of E.U. Enlargement European union integration and much more the euro are much-debated topics, however, with this there are two different sides that discuss.

Enlargement of the European Union Enlargement of the european union essay
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The Enlargement of the European Union